Fensterbau Frontale: Curtain up for a new strategy for the future


It was one of the main topics of discussion at Fensterbau Frontale: the booth of the profile system provider aluplast from Karlsruhe, Germany. aluplast set the stage for high-class windows and showed new paths for the future of the sector. The large numbers of visitors to the booth and the very positive feedback – even from experienced, longstanding industry experts – proved the aluplast concept to be a real success. Innovations, such as Multifalz, energeto® 5000 view, and a concept study on new frame coatings, did their part in sparking the visitors' interest.

The innovations presented at Fensterbau Frontale document the high standard of window technology. "Windows are much more than the sum of their technical features," Peter Kotzur, head of marketing, explains. "Windows are quality of life. They let in natural light and open the view to the outside. And in this very function, we made the windows at our booth a tangible experience". Huge moving landscape scenes gave visitors the feeling of sitting at a window with view of the sea or the mountains – a welcome moment of peace in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the trade show. High numbers of visitors and the smiling faces of the aluplast staff proved that the overall booth concept worked out perfectly. The staff members were visibly proud of being part of such an outstanding trade show booth and innovative company. Their good mood was contagious: Visitors enjoyed their stay at the aluplast booth.


The aluplast course through the future

The guided course through the aluplast exhibition was very appreciated by window fabricators. The course themed "the window to the future" showed a visionary and comprehensive concept for the future.
In the heart of the exhibition were – of course – innovative products, technologies, and processes whose relevance for the future of the sector had been determined beforehand by aluplast and their innovation management system.
While the visitors were guided through the course, they were interviewed by the aluplast staff members: Do they feel well-prepared for future trends? How relevant will the different topics in their opinion be in the next few years? "We will analyse the results, summarise them in a market study, and give these information to our customers", says Jürgen Huber, head of sales.

Design element window

The window as design element is a major trend. Launched last year, the system energeto® 5000 view with the concealed sash was now presented at the trade show as a patio door with the frame almost entirely covered with plaster. Its elegant design gave a foretaste of future trends in facade design.
In this context, aluplast furthermore presented concept studies on materials and surface coatings that look and feel lifelike.
In contrast to the almost non-visible patio door frame, the frame of this exhibit was visually highlighted by means of innovative materials: The aluminium shell on the frame was coated with a material that looked just like real anthracite-grey sand stone. This decor called "Stoneview" captured the interest of the visitors. On the indoor side of the same exhibit, the window frame was laminated with an innovative decor foil that makes the PVC frame look and feel like a wooden window.


Efficiency and technologies

aluplast would not be aluplast if they put their innovation focus only on the design aspect. Fabricators who work with aluplast products appreciate that the systems can be fabricated in a very efficient way without compromising the wide range of products demanded by the market.
Efficient product diversity is the keyword that allows fabricators to satisfy very different requirements. The lift-and-slide door 85 mm is especially versatile: Depending on the required thermal insulation properties, it can be fabricated in three different designs. At the trade show, the lift-and-slide door was shown with the new barrier-free threshold and an especially slim frame around the fixed glazing. The innovation Multifalz is just as versatile as the lift-and-slide door. Due to the well-tried centring function, the new rebate geometry allows for two different glazing methods with just one profile: either conventionally with glazing blocks and steel reinforcement, or with the bonding technology. Current developments prove the Multifalz innovation to be especially worthwhile: safety requirements are becoming more and more stringent, window elements and glazing units tend to be larger and hence heavier, which altogether has boosted the bonding technology.
"The many positive reactions show us that we are on the right course with our innovation," says Dr. Gerhard Schuhmann, head of the aluplast engineering department. The trade show exhibit featured two Multifalz sashes, one conventionally glazed with glazing blocks, and the other one with bonded glazing, combined with a steel-free powerdur-reinforced frame as energeto® system.
The outstanding insulating properties of powerdur became apparent in another hands-on exhibit: one steel bar and one powerdur bar were stuck into a 100 dm3 block of ice. While the steel bar was extremely cold, the temperature of the powerdur bar remained moderate – visitors could practically feel the superior thermal insulation of the powerdur material.

3d brille

New marketing and sales tools

The communication with consumers is another key factor that shows how aluplast sets the right course for the future. It is not a secret that the industry sector has a considerable backlog demand in this regard. Many building owners still think of buying windows as a necessary evil. It is high time to make a change and convince consumers that windows are a significant design element in the facade and that they increase comfort and convenience at home. By means of 3D goggles, visitors could experience how the size of the window influences the ambience of the room: They explored a virtual living room and the different lighting situation that result from different window sizes. Window fabricators were enthusiastic about this sales tool; correspondingly, the interest in this station was phenomenal.
How the design element window looks like in the facade was visualised by the aluplast colour configurator that allows consumers to try different window designs. With this online tool, different roof and facade constructions can be combined with different window systems and colours. The colour configurator gives customers a clear impression of how the new facade will look like, which raises anticipation about the new facade and helps customers to take a buying decision. At this year's Fensterbau Frontale, aluplast presented the tool for the first time to a wider public.
However, aluplast supports their customers not only in the field of marketing but also in sales: the aluplast Sales-Cockpit was also presented at the trade show. The CRM module was developed by aluplast in cooperation with leading companies in the strategy consulting and CRM sector. Fabricators can use the tool to analyse sales data and identify good customers and potential customers for a more efficient sales control. The sales concept is completed by targeted, customized sales trainings.


"Our customers and potential new customers appreciate this extensive future-oriented concept", says CEO Patrick Seitz, adding: "Multifalz, the lift-and-slide door 85 mm, and energeto® 5000 view, as well as our new marketing and sales approach have more than convinced them. Moreover, the pleasant atmosphere at our booth made them feel comfortable with us. During the trade show and beyond."


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