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Innovation leader for windows and doors.

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Milestones of the aluplast group

The family-owned company aluplast has been founded in December 1982, by Manfred J. Seitz in Ettlingen (near Karlsruhe/Germany).

Today, after three decades, aluplast is still a family business but has turned into a global player with sales offices and production plants all over the world.


The success story continues…

2011 | Industry leader in the sector

2011 | Industry leader in the sector zoom

aluplast is considered the technology trailblazer in the sector and can prevail against 500 competing applicants in the prestigious contest "Industriepreis 2011" (Industry Price 2011).  aluplast reaches the finals and thus ranks among the best three in the category "Research and Development" due to the remarkable uPVC window system energeto®. In 2011, the company again is one of "Germany’s Best" and finalist of the "Entrepreneur of the Year 2012" contest.


2010 | Best window in its class

energeto® foam insidezoom

The renowned system energeto® is even further improved. The high-end product "energeto® | foam inside" achieves outstanding insulation values and is rated best window in its class.


2009 | New milestone of window technology

energeto® – the steel-free window systemzoom

With energeto® – the steel-free window system – aluplast achieves a technological breakthrough in the sector.


2008 | Double anniversary

2008 | Double anniversaryzoom

More than 500 invited guests celebrate the double anniversary in Karlsruhe: aluplast’s 25th anniversary and the birthday of business founder Manfred J. Seitz.

2007 | aluplast assumes pioneering role

2007 | aluplast assumes pioneering rolezoom

With the new production plant in Mexico, aluplast takes its first step overseas. Furthermore, in 2007, aluplast again ranks among "Germany’s Best" and is finalist of the contest "Entrepreneur of the Year 2007".

2006 | A new symbol of progress

company’s headquarters in Karlsruhezoom

The new mixing tower at the company’s headquarters in Karlsruhe is unique within Europe, both from a technological point of view and in terms of productivity.

2005 | aluplast on the international stage

company’s headquarters in Karlsruhezoom

aluplast takes another historical step beyond the borders of Germany and establishes aluplast Ukraine.

After relocating the headquarters from Ettlingen to Karlsruhe in 2004, in January 2005, the aluplast employees move into the new administration building.

In the summer of 2005, the construction of a new state-of-the-art mixing tower in Karlsruhe begins.

aluplast wins the "MOE-Award" for its entrepreneurial commitment and is one of the finalists of the contest "Entrepreneur of the Year 2005".

2004 | aluplast on air

2004 | aluplast on airzoom

The company’s extraordinary growth and its exceptional success particularly in the Eastern European markets attract the interest of the first German public television channel ARD.

In view of the EU-enlargement to the East, the business broadcast "Plusminus" airs a report on aluplast and presents the company to an audience of millions.

2002 | aluplast celebrates

2002 | aluplast celebrates its 20th anniversary

In the year of its 20th anniversary aluplast definitely has a reason to celebrate: The Company’s career is unparalleled within Europe.

In Poznan (Poland) the new production plant is inaugurated.

1999 | New buildings and further expansion

1999 | New buildings and further expansion

The potential for expansion in the headoffice in Ettlingen is depleted. In 1999, the construction of a new production plant and storage facilities in Karlsruhe begins. Another production plant is constructed is Russia.


1997 | Still expanding in the booming European market

1997 | Still expanding in the booming European marketzoom

By purchasing Intertec (Wartberg/Austria), aluplast becomes market leader in Austria.


1995 | Systematic success

aluplast Polandzoom

aluplast establishes the first production plant abroad in Poznan (Poland).


1991 | First steps abroad

1991 | First steps abroadzoom

The first subsidiary abroad is founded – the sales office aluplast Ibérica in Bilbao.

1989 | The company is growing

1989 | The company is growingzoom

By purchasing the company Golde in Bavaria, aluplast also takes over the Golde backstop gasket system "Golde IDEAL". Today’s IDEAL profile serials are still named after this first IDEAL window system.


1983 | First full business year

1983 | First full business year

The company starts into its first full financial year.


1982 | A success story begins

1982 | A success story beginszoom

In December 1982, Mr Manfred J. Seitz founds the company aluplast GmbH in Ettlingen near Karlsruhe (Germany).


aluplast worldwide

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aluplast worldwide

aluplast worldwide


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