Extrusion Tool Technology

The Highest Standards For Extrusion Tool Technology Development & Deployment.

We have developed the tooling technology to match with modern twin screw and multi strand extrusion lines to produce one of the highest quality lineal profiles in the market.

Combining high volume extruders with state of the art extrusion dies and coordinated downstream sizing and cooling equipment, Chelsea is able to produce a wide range of quality vinyl window and patio door profiles, cellular foam trim profiles and custom profiles.

And if you’re looking to develop a new extruded profile, there’s no better development or extrusion technology partner than Chelsea Building Products.

Stringent Specifications From Setup To Final Profile.

High volume extrusion lines–many of them using twin screw, dual strand extruders—are paired with extrusion dies and downstream sizers to produce a high-quality continuous lineal profile that is held to tightly controlled dimensions and tolerances.

  • Extrusion tooling, downstream sizing equipment, production line setup, and profile inspection are all subject to stringent quality specifications. (see below)
  • Sophisticated tool designs are cut on Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) with designs derived from Computer Aided Design (CAD) systems.
  • Fully trained extrusion operators and quality assurance technicians continually monitor the process and the finished profile to ensure the quality and performance.

Quality Assurance That’s So Reliable, It’s Certified.

Chelsea Building Products certifies its window and door profiles through the AAMA (American Architectural Manufactures Association). The certification program has become part of our in-house Quality Assurance program—one extended to fabricators who partner with Chelsea.

Our Quality Assurance lab, located at Chelsea’s Oakmont facility, is an AAMA certified lab. Our stringent QA program backed by continuous operator training ensures that customers receive profiles that meet all industry standards and results in a high-quality, high-performance finished product.

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