Formulation & Compounding

For The Materials That Make Extruded Profiles, Think Chelsea Building Products.

Chelsea Building Products has one of the most modern extrusion facilities and controls every aspect of the extrusion process, from the raw materials to the finished profile.

When it comes to those raw materials, our formulation and blending process has been developed from years of extrusion experience, and millions of feet of lineal extruded profiles. Assuring you of the quality finished product you expect.

Raw materials are inspected, tested and certified before they enter the manufacturing process. These ingredients are introduced into a totally computerized blending operation that measures, transfers, introduces and blends the ingredients into a time-tested proprietary formulation.

Raw Material Quality Assurance, Every Step Of The Way

  1. Every stage of our formulation and blending operation is computer controlled.
  2. All raw materials used in the final formula are weighed and distributed automatically, from the storage areas to the blending tower.
  3. The blended compound is automatically delivered to the extruder.
  4. All raw materials used in the final formulation are fully tested and certified by the manufacturer before leaving the plant and delivered to Chelsea’s production facility.

Reliable, Proven PVC Compounding Capability.

Specifically formulated for use in single or twin-screw extruders, PVC compound from Chelsea is a tested and proven blend—one we use in-house and also make available for other extruders in powder or pellet form.

Our secret is that there is no secret, other than a firm commitment to quality and consistency. Each batch is thoroughly mixed in our state-of-the-art fully computerized blending facility, assuring the correct raw materials in the proper amounts are accurately compounded, every time.

Chelsea is well positioned to both manufacture the highest quality, most consistent PVC compound available.

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