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Extruded Profiles For Windows, Doors & More.

Building products that use extruded vinyl profiles, cellular foam, PVC compound or composite materials are all around us - in windows and doors, wall cladding and mouldings; in flooring and reinforcement material, and for shutters, beadboard and more.

While Chelsea Building Products began as a custom vinyl profile extruder for new construction and replacement windows and doors, we've long since evolved to become one of the most versatile extruded profile manufacturers and custom profile developers in the country.

Get to know our extruded profiles for windows, doors and moulding; and our proven ability to design, engineer and manufacture innovative profiles, raw material formulation and custom-built extruded building products. See how Chelsea Building Products designs, innovates and manufactures extruded profiles that fit the world around us perfectly.

Chelsea extruded profiles are used in all kinds of building products

Chelsea extruded profiles
Chelsea extruded profiles
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