Ccore Composite Reinforcement

Ccore® material technology

Chelsea Building Products has developed a composite reinforcement for vinyl windows and doors utilizing Ccore® material technology. This thermally efficient reinforcement, designed to replace metal reinforcements, was developed using a proprietary, scientifically engineered PVC composite. The composite reinforcement is a patented polymer which, in combination with precisely engineered geometry, creates a product that delivers superior thermal and structural performance.



  • Ccore® is far more thermally efficient than aluminum or steel, showing an improvement exceeding 12%.
  • Structural ratings of R50 have been achieved on 40" x 63" Double Hungs.
  • Ccore® reinforcement can be fabricated in many of the same processes as a vinyl profile. Routing, cleaning and screw retention are similar with this product.
  • Chelsea’s Composite Reinforcement passed Zone 3 Impact used as reinforcement on a double hung sized 40" x 72".
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