Custom profiles

Original Extruded Profiles Created For Specific Building Product Manufacturing Needs.

If you have a specific product in mind or need to invent a customized extruded profile as a critical part of the finished whole, then look no further than Chelsea’s proven team of designers, engineers and technical services staff to bring your idea to life.

Chelsea Building Products has designed, engineered and put into production hundreds of customized polymer-based extruded profiles used by building products manufacturers and distributors.

Profiles that are used to make virtually every type of vinyl window and door used in replacement or new construction. Extruded cellular foam moulding and trim used in finishing applications. PVC and vinyl extruded profiles for shutters and wall cladding. And innovative new products that are changing the landscape of modern construction.

The Chelsea Advantage In Customized Extruded Profile Development And Fabrication

  • In house capabilities include CAD design, profile rendering and prototyping; plus final development of innovative, customized extruded profiles.
  • Selection or development of fabrication tooling and equipment, start-up guidance and personnel training.
  • Proven staff with decades of customized extruded profile development, design, engineering, manufacturing, sales, marketing and support experience.
  • Technical services, tooling development, line production development, training, consulting, sales and marketing; all under one roof.

Customized Extruded Profiles From A Proven Profile Expert

Extruded profiles from Chelsea Building Products combine the strength and consistency of engineered profiles, with the aesthetics and performance characteristics required to meet the market and building code requirements in the various regions across the United States.

Innovative, specially designed profiles represent a significant part of our core business; products we develop from start-to-finish in concert with manufacturers, fabricators and distributors.

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