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inoview™ Thermally Advanced Premium Windows

Chelsea Building Products introduces their innovative window platform, inoview. Utilizing a collaborative design process, Chelsea has created an advanced window system with optimal thermal and structural performance.

inoview’s unique multi-hollow profiles enhance the thermal, structural, water, air and sound performance. Multi-hollows align within the mainframe and sash to offer superior weld strength and thermal efficiency. inoview was designed to maximize thermal performance without the need for exotic insulated glass or foam filling. inoview was engineered to achieve .14 U-Value as well as light commercial structural ratings.

inoview’s design provides a clean, low-profile, classic appearance. The robust product line includes coastal impact models. It’s available with a variety of accessories to produce multiple configurations for residential, light commercial, remodeling, and new construction market needs.

Chelsea’s inoview was designed to accommodate the latest window hardware available. Interior and exterior lamination options allow for further design possibilities and increased marketability.

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  • Models include: Double Hung with matching high-performance XX Horizontal Slider and universal direct set Picture Window.
  • Designed to meet and exceed Energy Star Version 6.0.
    Through continued technological advances in window design, this window has been engineered to meet and exceed NFRC’s stringent test standards.
  • Enhanced exterior bevel on the frame gives it a soft look.
    Designed for replacement and new construction. For ease of new construction installation, it comes with a pre-punched nailing fin.
  • Triple seal weatherstripping engineered to ensure maximum contact throughout window – located at the stiles, head, interlock and sill. Provides extra protection against air-infiltration which enhances the energy efficiency.
  • Multi-hollow profile for thermal and structural integrity with strategically placed internal walls.
  • Screen track contour acts as a natural drip edge. Screen pocket designed for full screen applications.
  • Fusion welded sash and frame corners assure that this window stays true and square, and fits the rough opening.
    Unique interlock extension provides full interlock contact and pile compression from jamb to jamb.
  • Subtle accessory grooves come standard so you can securely accommodate trim and other attachments. Multiple accessories available. Optional T-mull.
  • Accepts the most up-to-date innovative hardware.
    Accepts a range of insulated glass from 3/4" dual pane to 1-1/4" triple pane thickness.
  • Utilizes Chelsea’s Ccore® composite reinforcement.
    Vertical sill walls align with jamb walls for superior weld strength.
  • Deep sash penetration in the frame.
  • Hand rails have ergonomically designed handles.
  • High performance slope non-weep sill.

Performance Results


Test Standard - AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440.11, NAFS
LC55 upgradable

Thermal Simulation

.14 U-Value capable

STC/OITC (Outdoor-Indoor Transmission Class)


Air Infiltration


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