Chelsea Building Products

Talented People With Diverse Expertise, All Under One Roof

Our added value services differ a little from other manufacturers. What others consider “value add,” we consider a simple standard of service, clearly evident in our people, processes and dedication to the customer.

Certainly material development and formulation, plus extruded profile technology and manufacturing, reflect our core services. But having the right people, all under one roof, supporting the design, development, manufacture and distribution of extruded profiles used to make windows, doors, mouldings, shutters, exterior cladding and more—this makes the material difference in the way our customers engage and rely upon Chelsea Building Products.

Value Add Comes Standard For Every Manufacturing Partner.

  • Research and development on site
  • In-house blending
  • Technical staff includes CAD, prototyping, product designers & engineers
  • Extrusion tooling design and fabrication expertise on staff
  • On site performance & product testing and analysis
  • Sales, marketing and support programs
  • Willing participant in third party certification & testing programs
  • Plant start up, production line development and fabrication analysis capability
  • Customer service includes individual web accounts

All This, Plus Sustainable Leadership In Manufacturing, And In-house Quality Assurance.

We’ve reengineered our facility for energy-efficiency without sacrificing powerful manufacturing capability, running at peak capacity to maximize productivity. And we recycle paper and reclaim water throughout the entire production process—which lowers energy costs and preserves natural resources.

What’s more, the extruded lineal profiles we make meet the highest quality standards, patterned after ISO 9001. From extrusion tooling and material development to every point in the manufacturing process—fully trained extrusion operators and quality assurance technicians continually monitor the process and the finished profile to ensure quality and performance standards.

We don’t consider any of this value-add. It’s just what we do. And what we have been doing in extruded vinyl profile, custom profile and building products manufacturing for decades.

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