Responsibility. Training and support of international aid projects.


Training and support of international aid projects.

aluplast assumes social responsibility

In the beginning, aluplast was a local family business with only 27 employees. Today, aluplast is a globally operating industrial company with subsidiaries all over the world.

Despite aluplast’s exceptional success and growth, the owners of the company remain down-to-earth and consider it a matter of course to dedicate themselves to social issues in the vicinity: A large number of jobs has been created in the past 30 years, not only in Germany but worldwide. Moreover, for aluplast it is of highest priority to carry out training tasks and offer young people the chance to receive modern, up-to-date vocational training.
A total of 40 apprentices receive technical and commercial vocational training at the aluplast headquarters in Karlsruhe (Germany) with the aim of employing them in the long term.

Furthermore, the family-owned company from South Germany supports local and international social projects:

 All these projects are of personal interest to the managers and they maintain a close contact to the responsible persons in the projects. By this means we get an insight into the project and their individual development and results.


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