Transforming a waterfront home with aluplast 

Waterfront Project in Queensland, Australia

Overlooking the sparkling waters of Redland Bay, this waterfront property has become a testament to modern renovation and comfort. Recently, the homeowner embarked on a significant home improvement journey, replacing all windows and doors with aluplast uPVC joinery as part of a home renovation, a decision that has dramatically transformed her living experience.


The challenge

Before the renovation, the original home, outfitted with old timber window joinery, was far from the sanctuary desired. “The wind came through the house, and we could hear everything from outside. It was scary in a storm. The home didn’t feel weatherproof," the homeowner recalls. This discomfort led them to seeking a solution that would bring peace and security to their home.
Their search for quality and efficiency led the homeowner to Double Glazing Masters, where they discovered the advantages of aluplast uPVC joinery. Renowned for its robustness and insulation properties, uPVC has been a game-changer to the waterfront home. They chose tilt and turn windows, sliding windows and doors, and a new front door, all designed to maximise comfort, energy efficiency and security.

Our solution

The tilt and turn windows installed, exemplify aluplast's innovation. They allow for a natural flow of air, aiding in maintaining comfortable interior temperatures. "When they are tilted, the cool air comes in, and the hot air goes out. You get a nice flow of cool air into the house," the homeowner explains. This feature underscores aluplast's commitment to comfort without compromising on energy consumption.

One of the key benefits the homeowner noted immediately was the significant reduction in daily dust accumulation, a minor yet impactful perk of the new joinery. More importantly, installation of the double-glazed uPVC windows and doors has led to a drastic reduction in the use of air conditioning.

"We put on air conditioning for about two hours, and the house gets very cool very fast," the homeowner explains, highlighting the energy efficiency that contributes to lower electricity bills and a sustainable living environment.

Moreover, the robustness of the aluplast uPVC joinery offers an added layer of security. "They feel substantial and are reassuring to open and close compared to standard aluminium joinery; they provide peace of mind," she says. The multi-locking points and the depth of the joinery provide a sense of solidity and safety, essential for any homeowner.

Project result

The aesthetic appeal of the aluplast products was equally important. The homeowner, impressed by similar designs she had seen in Germany, appreciated the opportunity to incorporate such high-quality elements into her Australian home. "The German design and manufacture were very important to me," she states, emphasising the global standard of excellence that aluplast represents. Five months after the renovation, the impact is undeniable.

"We can’t hear any external sound anymore; we feel well protected from the weather," she shares.

Inside her home, internal double-glazed aluplast doors dividing two separate living areas ensure a peaceful environment in each area, free from sound transfer between rooms.

The homeowners’ story is a compelling example of how Double Glazing Masters’, and aluplast uPVC joinery can revolutionise a living space. The joinery offers not just a shield against the elements but also enhances the overall quality of life through its energy efficiency, security features, and low maintenance requirements. In her words, the transformation is a blend of comfort, peace of mind, and a newfound harmony with her environment, all thanks to the innovative solutions provided by Double Glazing Masters and aluplast.

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