Satisfying customer needs

Efficient variety of products

A growing number of market segments means a growing number of different requirements. But everything that differs from mass-produced articles costs time – and money. Nonetheless, huge variety is also possible if you have efficient processes. Meet all your customers' needs without more work in production. Our mature product concepts make this possible. 


The future of series production

One sash, three options: Fabricators have been achieving efficient product variety since multifalz sashes were launched last year. They can be developed and marketed in three different variants: fixed, bonded or as energeto® windows – all with just one profile. Choose between one of the two glazing methods according to each order, or combine both. Meet all your customers' needs and reduce warehousing costs at the same time. Multifalz, the profile with the multifunctional rebate, is the world's first profile that can be glazed either conventionally with glazing blocks, or by bonding the glass in the rebate, which helps fabricators to meet the many different needs of their customers.

Coating service

Premium design options

Offer your customers high-quality design options! PVC windows with aluminium skin are a smart solution as they combine the benefits of both materials: the highly insulating properties and the profitability of PVC and the modern look of aluminium. A new aluplast service has turned this material mix into an even smarter solution: In addition to the aluskin products you can now order the coating directly from aluplast. aluplast takes care of the whole process. After only 7 - 12 days from the order date, the coated aluminium skins are ready for loading. Our new coating service saves you time – and relieves stress!

Our new ordering tool includes 43 standard colour and design options for your powder-coated aluskin products. Of course, you can also pick any other colour from the RAL colour range.

aluplast rendering aluskin World of Colours
aluplast rendering aluskin World of Colours

Lift-and-slide door 85 mm

The future is modular

One lift-and-slide door, three options: With its modular design, the 85 mm lift-and-slide door remains the only door of its type on the market. Depending on the heat insulation properties required, the door can be fabricated in three different designs, including one suitable for passive house solutions – a unique feature for lift-and-slide doors. The economic basic version is possible thanks to optimised steel reinforcers in the frame profile. Thermally-broken aluminium is used to manufacture the standard version and reach very good thermal insulation values. For the premium version, aluplast relies on glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GFRP) and up to 51 mm thick glazing units. By this means, a Uw-value of just 0.65 W/m²K is possible. This is a future-proof design, as the lift-and-slide door already exceeds current statutory requirements.
This is further optimised by the upper guide rail, also made of GFRP, and insulating foam pieces that are inserted into the sash profile next to the steel reinforcers. These additional measures also reduce the risk of condensation.
Individual components, such as the insulating glazing unit and the interlock, can be replaced easily and in no time.

To make sure you can meet each and every customer requirement, the lift-and-slide door is also available with a barrier-free threshold.

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