Careful product development

Efficient processes

Our concept for your success includes innovations that can be produced in efficient processes. To be specific, this means: When developing new products, our system engineers keep the process in mind throughout. After all, increasing your output is a key factor to your business success.

Our number one goal is to create a system-compliant production process. We have showed that we are capable of achieving this goal with a multitude of products. 



The smart-slide system. Why compromise? The new uPVC smart-slide door also makes use of very stable hardware resulting from outstanding innovation. This benefits not only your customers, but you too – thanks to reduced maintenance visits. The sophisticated mechanism of the new aluplast sliding door simplifies the Hardware technology used, too.

The new uPVC smart-slide door has top values for heat insulation, statics and sealing, and is impressively easy to operate. smart-slide scores highly for sealing owing to the innovative locking mechanism and the high-quality sealing surfaces with no brushes. Additional locking points offer outstanding sealing and even more security. The interplay between the various technical Features ensures the smart-slide achieves extremely good sealing performance against air, wind and driving rain.

Lift-and-slide door 85 mm

The future is efficient

With its 85 mm lift-and-slide door, aluplast focused on specifically on increasing productivity. We have reduced the amount of logistics work needed by reducing the number of components. However, the main achievement of aluplast's uPVC lift-and-slide door is the reduction in production time. What's more, retooling times and tool changes are kept to a minimum, even when working with an array of designs. Thanks to a new bonding mechanism, the new aluminium shells save a further 50% more time when compared to the old model.
These reduced production times and, above all, the modular design make this lift-and-slide door by aluplast the only product of its kind on the market. Depending on the thermal insulation properties required, the door can be fabricated in three different designs, including a premium version suitable for passive house solutions.

Adhesive technology

Setting the pace for production

There's a pretty good reason why we are known as the industry experts in adhesive technology. We identified the incredible benefits of this production technique early on (the technology originated in the automotive industry) and then enhanced it for window construction.The fact that adhesive technology is a key source of efficiency in the window industry has since become an open secret: In production, an automatic adhesive machine is key to creating a smooth production process, generating high element output and ensuring increased process reliability. And once installed, windows require very little maintenance as bonded sashes remain stable over the long term and therefore require no readjustment.


Fully-automated production with robots

New technologies for an efficient production process: The bonding and glazing robots, which are already in use at the aluplast technical forum and at individual aluplast partners, grip the pane from the glass and place it into the supplied sash frame. The adhesive is then applied in a fully automated process. After that, the sash can then be finished and either "married" to the frame or repositioned again.

By bonding the sash before its marriage to the frame, we have increased the flexibility of the production process. For example, we can now supply the frame and sash separately.

aluskin - uPVC window with aluminium shells

Elegant design made easy

Aluminium's elegant appearance in a major trend. aluplast uses an intelligent material blend of uPVC and aluminium. The combination of a uPVC window with a clipped on aluminium skin results in a range of benefits that are not available in aluminium-only windows. The result of this interplay is a product of the highest technical standards that combines beautiful design with individuality and maximum safety. The aluminium shells can come with a blunt finish or cut on the mitre.

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