IDEAL 4000 Casement
Window & Door System

IDEAL 4000®

The new generation PVC-U window and door system from aluplast.

The system has been designed to ‘tick all the boxes’ for state of the art windows and doors and features advanced design and system engineering. IDEAL 4000 is a fully integrated profile suite designed using the latest computer aided techniques combined with many years of experience. The result is a window and door system which meets the requirements of today’s challenging marketplace and which will continue to excel in the future.

IDEAL 4000 Casement
IDEAL 4000 Casement

IDEAL 4000 is both attractive in appearance and effective in application. The fully squareline profiles and matching glazing beads result in windows and doors with classic styling and tremendous appeal for customers. The system boasts many advanced design features, enabling simple and economic fabrication and installation.

Advanced design affords IDEAL 4000 a considerable degree of future proofing, allowing the system to take in its stride current trends and potential future requirements of UK Building Regulations.

The fully integrated profile suite ensures that all IDEAL 4000 product types harmonise beautifully on any elevation regardless of the style of the property.

Three outer frame height options (50mm, 60mm and 75mm) and two mullion sizes (70mm and 80mm) provide for frame designs that can accommodate most wind load requirements and reveal details.

Optional features

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IDEAL 4000 Casement
IDEAL 4000 Casement

SquareLine bead and profile design

The bead shape mirrors the shape of the upstand to the glazing rebate to provide a beautiful balanced appearance with contemporary sightlines. The finished window looks identical viewed from inside or outside; simply stunning! While 28mm high performance double glazed sealed units have become the performance standard in the domestic sector, IDEAL 4000 recognises the need for the option of 24mm glazing depth to meet a wider range of window and door specifications for other market sectors. Glazing beads for both 28mm and 24mm sealed units both offer a contemporary SquareLine appearance that perfectly complements the profile detail. Triple glazing can easily be produced utilising either our 36 and 40mm glazing beads.

SquareLine contemporary profiles

IDEAL 4000’s cleverly designed SquareLine contemporary shape makes for simply stunning windows and doors. Beautiful both inside and out with a design focused on symmetry, IDEAL 4000 windows and doors are perfect for replacing the replacements; an important development for the future of the industry. IDEAL 4000 is as easy to fabricate as it is stunning to look at. The positive stops at either extreme of the SquareLine shape give define datum points for modern window fabrication machinery and also make fabrication easier in more basic fabrication environments. IDEAL 4000 combines stunning good looks with ease of fabrication.

Single leg glazing bead

IDEAL 4000 employs a secure single let ‘knock-in’ or j-bead design. The single leg bead makes for faster, easier installation and provides the cleanest glazing platform. Installers love the way the single bead locates and the singles leg format affords both stability and security while also easily accommodating normal glazing tolerances. aluplast’s secure bead system passes Secure by Design and PAS24 with ease.

Co-extruded thermoplastic gaskets

IDEAL 4000’s co-extruded gaskets eliminate the need for the time consuming application of weather seals and gaskets to frames and sashes following the welding process as part of fabrication. The time saved will provide an increase in fabrication efficiency. Using IDEAL 4000 with its co-extruded gaskets will also enable the fabricator to reduce stockholding. IDEAL 4000 innovative gaskets provide outstanding weather performance and complement the profiles’ SquareLine sightlines. Co-extruded gaskets eliminate “the shrinking back” effect typical of old gasket systems and therefore prevent any gaps in corners. IDEAL 4000 windows and doors are also easier to fit.

IDEAL 4000 Casement

aluskin option

aluplast now introduce for the first time in the UK and Ireland the option of an aluminium external fascia branded “aluskin”. “aluskin” is a proven technology across Europe and is an option on three other of aluplast’ European profile ranges.

The Ideal 4000 aluskin is a highly innovative ‘click-and-fit’ aluminium exterior window and door cladding system. Tested through a range of European standards, this proven technology delivers a contemporary WER A+ rated exterior aluminium finished window, at a highly competitive price-point.

There’s no requirement for PVC-U fabricators to invest in specialist machinery, while fully integrated with the Ideal 4000, stock holding is kept to a minimum.

It also offers fabricators of traditional aluminium systems access to a cost-effective energy efficient alternate system.

Mixing the aluskin exterior aluminium cladding with the extensive coloured foiled collection from aluplast, offers multiple design options for the homeowner.

IDEAL 4000 Casement


The window industry across Europe is increasingly focused on responsible manufacturing and efficient recycling, without compromising product quality. According to Recovinyl, its network recycled more than 474,000 tonnes of waste PVC last year. But while a sizeable step forward to its target to recycle 800,000 tonnes of waste PVC by 2020, it also serves to highlight the question of use in new generation materials.

PVC-U extrusion as we know is a ‘dark art’. Profile performance is dependent on the strict control of its formulation so, by definition, recycled material is an unknown quantity.

“If you don’t know the ratios of the formulation you can’t possibly predict how it’s going to perform in extremes of temperature. The differentiation between metal salts or stabilisers can be really very significant and that can impact on quality”.

aluplast offers technically advanced German-engineered products – in the UK and Ireland the Ideal 4000 and ecotech Ideal 70 – but also shares a similar philosophy on sustainability amongst other eco responsible global manufacturers.

Processing more than 150,000 tonnes of PVC-U in Europe annually, equivalent to 75 per cent of the whole UK and Irish markets combined and with its worldwide customer base manufacturing more than 10million windows per year, aluplast remains a global leader in window system technology.

ecotech Ideal 4000 is the systems company’s calcium organic stabilised ‘green’ offer. Manufactured by aluplast specifically for the UK and Irish market.

A+ Ratin aluplast
A+ Ratin aluplast

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