A stronghold of innovation


The premium segment is within easy reach with uPVC windows. This is testified by the successful market launch of the energeto® 5000 view.

A stronghold of innovation

uPVC windows cover the all market segments – and the premium segment in particular: aluplast proved this with the market launch of energeto® 5000 view. An increasing number of fabricators have been relying on this covered-sash system since 2015. High-quality design options are a guarantee for success and enable fabricators to stand out from competitors – a factor that is of key importance to architects. With its new coating service for aluminium shells, aluplast is building on its successful strategy.
Anyone currently involved in architectural projects is probably well aware of the tendency towards clarity in the facade's design. Sleek design is currently in high demand. As the saying goes, "Less is more".
"We took this motto from the architecture world literally when designing the energeto® 5000 view. In this case, "Less" means less frame. When viewed from the outside, only a very slim profile is visible. And, "More" not only means premium design, but also more light, too!" explains Patrick Seitz. "The product has seemed to hit the mark." An increasing number fabricators are now showing interest in the new system. And the sales figures are pretty difficult to deny, too: annual revenues doubled from 2015 to 2016 and forecasts look good for 2017.
One fact that undoubtedly contributes to the system's popularity with fabricators is that aluplast once again uses a system-compliant production process: For instance, the system has the normal overlap dimensions and uses the usual glazing beads. Various glass thicknesses up to 49 mm can therefore be used. Plus, the sash is glazed in the normal way, that is from the inside with the sash already hinged. Time-consuming manual processing is no longer necessary, and the processing time is reduced considerably. Furthermore, popular additional profiles and accessories are compatible in all application cases.
One architect who liked energeto® 5000 view so much that he used them in his own home is Karlsruhe-based planner Markus Hafner, CEO of mhafner GmbH, which specialises in passive houses. Mr Hafner's home is currently under construction but he is already well aware that he will be using the design system in plenty of new properties in future.
Premium window design for the most discerning of customers: This includes a new coating service for aluskin products. This service is now available in the aluplast product range. "Until now, most fabricators have shied away from the time and work involved in selling coated aluminium shells," explains Carsten Schäfer, head of product management at aluplast. "That's no surprise but coated aluminium shells can actually provide customers with even more colour and design options."
By offering this service through aluplast, this not only saves your nerves but, more importantly, time, too! If you had to wait for your aluminium shells to be delivered only to forward them to the coating company, you would lose valuable time during the transport from one place to another. It could take up to four weeks until you finally hold the finished product in your hands. Time you can now save thanks to the new aluplast service: After only 7 - 12 days from the date of order, the coated aluminium skins are ready for loading. Top quality made in Germany is guaranteed: Only the best products by renowned powder manufacturers are used in a controlled coating process to guarantee a perfect, long-lasting surface finish. Our new ordering tool includes 43 colour and design options as standard for your powder-coated aluskin products. Of course, you can also pick any other colour from the RAL colour range.

Perfect for architects' homes: Planner Markus Hafner's home
Perfect for architects' homes: Planner Markus Hafner's home

Planner Markus Hafner has opted for energeto® 5000 view for his home. (Image rights: mhafner GmbH)

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