Smart-slide - Supreme Sealing and wide opening

Smart Slide exhibits the tightest security features on a sliding system, among the best thermal performances whilst generously allowing dimensions up to 6 m x 2.5 m (19.5 ft x 8.2 ft) to connect your patio or garden into the living space.

Effortless Operation

A second locking mechanism and self-closing sash, which slides into the frame softly, make the smart-slide door so simple to use that it is virtually impossible to operate it incorrectly.


  • • Designed for both renovations and new-builds
  • • Secure hardware and locking system with more than 8 locking points
  • • Excellent sealant against air-infiltration which enhances the energy efficiency whilst increasing strength and security
  • • Concealed hardware technology
  • • Dual opening mechanisms Scheme A (XO) and Scheme C (XOOX) sliding sashes
  • • Accepts both double and triple insulated glass up to 41mm (1 5/8”).
  • • Modern classic-line design
  • • Available in white, as well as our trademarked woodec and aludec colours technology.
  • • Welded sash and frame corners allow this element to stay true and square throughout its operating life
  • • Meets most of American & Canadian performance requirements according to” AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S. 2/A440-08 (NAFS-08) AND CSA A440S1-09 with update no. 1 (CANADIAN SUPPLEMENT TO NAFS-08)” Learn more.


Performance Results - Structural

Test Standard - AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440-08-11 , NAFS Test results

Class LC-PG 40 LC-PG50
Size 3048 x 2438mm (120 x 96”) -SD 2438 x 2134mm(96 x 84”) -SD
Design Pressure +-1920 Pa ( +- 40.10 psf ) +-2400 Pa ( +-50.13 psf)
Air Infiltration 02 L/s/m2 (0.03 cfm/ft2 0.30 L/s/m2 (0.06 cfm/ft2
Canadian Air Infiltration /Exfiltration Level A3 A3
Water Penetration Resistance Test Pressure 400 Pa (8.36 psf) 400 Pa (8.36 psf)


Uf. 1.3W/m2K Uw 0.70 to 1.30 W/m2K depend on IGU. Factor result with a range from 0.118 to 0.224 Btu/h-ft2-F SHG result with a range from 0.375 to 0.563


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