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You know that a piece of technology is good when it generates a genuine advantage for the people who use it. You can't tell which innovative technical features lie in wait simply by looking at an aluplast window system. However, you will soon learn to love the improved energy efficiency, ease-of-use and burglary protection they provide.

powerdur inside

Improved heat insulation

Instead of steel, the profiles are reinforced with a specially developed fibre glass reinforced uPVC, which is inserted into the profile at the factory and significantly improves heat insulation.

Saving energy: with aluplast technology®

bonding inside

Bonding technology with added safety

Bonded glass panes were first used in the automotive industry, where they soon became industry standard. aluplast recognized the advantages early on and has advanced the technology for the special requirements needed for window construction for buildings.

The window's glass pane is bonded all the way round the profile.The adhesive provides an extra strong bond between the pane and the sash: the best way to prevent the sash from being pried open and also an essential requirement for burglary resistance class RC2.

At the same time, your windows will remain dimensionally stable, and they can be opened and closed smoothly, even after many years of use.

Added safety and comfort: with aluplast® technology

foam inside

Window technology at its best

Using a special technique, the profile chambers are injected with a unique polyurethane foam. This special foam is able to make its way through the profile all by itself: When the volume expands during the foam injection process, the hollow chambers are filled all the way down to the corners for outstanding heat insulation.

And of course, foam inside can be recycled, just like the window profile itself.

Saving energy: with aluplast technology®

safetec inside

A smart way to thwart attempted break-ins

The fixed interior profile web for the third gasket all around the window frame improves thermal insulation and prevents the sash from being forced open easily.

Breathe easy: With safetec inside you can increase the safety of your windows.

Stress-free living with technology made by aluplast®

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