The tried-and-tested option

IDEAL 4000®

70 mm construction depth

With millions of units already installed, this system impresses with incredible, tried-and-tested stability and a wide range of designs.

IDEAL 4000
IDEAL 4000

70 mm
construction depth

1.3 W/m²K
Uf value

0.76 W/m²K
Best Uw value

Up to RC2

Up to 45db
Sound insulation

The option of added safety

bonding inside
bonding inside
bonded windows for added burglary protection and less warping

Adhesive technology can also be used in the IDEAL 4000: Bonded windows ensure added burglary protection and increase stability.

Optional features

for an individual look
for finest design

Technical details

  • 70 mm construction depth
  • Uf=1.3 W/m²K
  • Uw=0.99 W/m²K with standard-triple-glazing with Ug=0.6 and Psi=0.040 W/mK
  • Uw=0.76 W/m²K best possible option with triple glazing with Ug=0.4 and Psi=0.030 W/mK
  • Up to RC2 burglary protection
  • Up to 45dB (sound protection class 4)
  • Up to 41 mm glazing
  • Wide range of laminations available
  • Available with aluskin® aluminium shells (wide array of colours)
  • Recessed option, semi-recessed option, roundline option
  • 5 chamber profile
  • Concealed drainage is possible
  • Optional: bonding inside (adhesive technology)

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